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Nourish or hydrate your hair, what’s the difference?

We often talk about hair nutrition and hydration, but without really knowing the difference between the two

Nourish or hydrate your hair, what’s the difference?

In this article, we finally shed some light on the subject

Hair lacking hydration is hair lacking in water. Your hair needs to be hydrated just like your skin. Both need water. As for the phenomenon of undernourishment, as its name suggests, it means that your hair needs to be nourished. Your hair needs nutrients, sebum and fats.
People with curly, kinky or coily hair tend to hydrate their hair more regularly and they are right to do so. In fact, by hydrating, curls will generally be better defined and more plumped up. This will make styling easier and your hair will look softer and brighter. 
To tell if your hair is lacking hydration, you need to look carefully at your ends. If your hair is rough or easily frizzy, or if your hair is stiff and frizzy, your hair is certainly lacking in hydration.
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Nourishing your hair, on the other hand, is about adding oil. This provides nutrients to make it stronger and less brittle. Undernourished hair is hair that produces little sebum. Sebum is what naturally nourishes your lengths. When your hair has a nutritional deficiency, it is weakened and therefore appears more brittle. In short, hair lacking in nutrition is simply hair lacking in oil. 
By providing your hair with nutrition, it will look stronger and split ends will be less visible. To nourish the hair fiber, we strongly recommend hair oils or protein and vitamin treatments with keratin for example. 
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You now have all the tools you need to take care of your hair. Unfortunately, your hair may be both dehydrated and lacking in nutrition.
Although most of the time the hair is dehydrated, it is advisable to give it regular hydrating care. Recognizing your hair’s needs is not easy, but it is essential.
If you need to, we recommend that you call a hair professional who will guide you to the right solution.
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